"The purpose of martial arts is not to hurt people, hurting people is easy... The purpose of martial arts is to build strong minds and strong bodies."

Master Solomon Benjamin was born in Kfar Sabah, Israel.
He started studying Karate in 1971, Tae Kwon Do in 1977 and Krav Maga in 1996.
Master Solomon holds the rank of 6 th degree black belt.
He was awarded the rank of Grand Master in 2001
Grand master: martial arts school director and master instructor of 5th degree black belt or higher.
He is a certified instructor in Krav Maga and KAPAP
Grandmaster inTraditional Tae Kwon Do
Master in WTF Oympic Tae Kwon Do .

KAPAP is the acronym for Krav Panim El Panim, hebrew for face to face combat, military krav maga
The self defense system of the Israeli special forces.
Krav Maga and KAPAP nowadays are practically the same.
There are 3 specific uses in krav maga, civilian, military and security.

Master Solomon is a certified instructor in krav maga and kapap by the Ministery of Education of Israel and
the International Kapap Association. Kapap Israel.
KRAV MAGA SMA is Kapap LA official training center and School representative ika kapap LA sherman oaks USA.

There is no substitute for experience, Master Solomon was an assistant instructor since 1975,
and started teaching professionally in 1987. The master established Solomon’s Martial arts in 1990
Master Solomon teaches martial arts, self defense and fitness for men and women
ages 14-70 of all fitness levels and kids ages 5 – 13. 4 yr old subject to approval.
At KRAV MAGA SMA students learn self defense techniques that gives them self confidence.
Master Solomon teaches the values of traditional martial arts, such as
respect, honor, perseverance, humility, indomitable spirit.
Students also get the benefits of the best training in strength training,
flexibility and cardio in each class.
Students get a complete workout, while getting in shape and learning
martial arts and effective self defense.

“The purpose of martial arts is not to hurt people, hurting people is easy.
The purpose is to build a strong mind and a strong body.”
Master Solomon Benjamin

Below a quote from Grand Master HEE IL CHO. (Master Solomon studied
with the grand master 1977-1980.
“All this has created a great conflict within me, for if I cannot use my
skill to protect myself from any person who walks in off the street and
demands a fight, how can I hope my students will retain confidence
in my ability to teach them this skill? And yet, if I use my skill and
hurt someone, even in self-defense, have I not betrayed the spirit
of what martial arts is all about?”

Master Solomon below 1977 at Grand Master Hee Il Cho’s
Tae Kwon Do school in WLA, CA U.S.A. testing for Red Belt



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